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About the Artist

It was the Christmas of 1992. I was 8. Under the tree were 2 books.

One book was about making friendship bracelets using embroidery floss and the other with beads.

That was it.

Every summer from then on, until I was maybe 13 or 14, I sat outside my family’s townhouse on a green electrical box and made bracelets.

Unless it was raining of course.

I sold them to people in the neighbourhood and even one to our post man.

Naturally I was excited to spend the profits on penny candies at Mac’s Milk.

I have also written poetry, short stories, started novels, made scrapbooks, explored professional music and the entertainment industry.

I always come back to jewelry making and writing.

Welcome to that place where we can travel the creative path of crafting together!

What’s in a Name

When I decided to open an etsy shop I had to have a tight deadline so I left as little room for my perfectionist side as possible.

I focused on getting jewelry made and overstock counted to sell but a few days before the looming deadline I realized that I didn’t have a shop name.

I have often used butterflies as a personal logo but as you can imagine any simple name using “butterfly” was already taken. So I spent hours going through words.

Lists of the most beautiful words. Lists of names for hawks, gypsy moths, dolphins and finally other names for butterflies.

What struck me wasn’t the cultural words for butterfly but how butterflies were perceived.

Many cultures thought that butterflies carried souls either after death or to be born. Others felt that butterflies forewarned success or death.

Yet none of the words and beliefs around butterflies felt as deep and enchanting as the ancient Greek use of the word psyche.

Psyche was an all encompassing word that meant both soul and butterfly and in modern Greek has come to mean all things pertaining to the mind.

No other word reverberated as strongly with me than a word so vague yet so ethereal and misunderstood as psyche.

Sure I had a few people who felt that it would be connected in people’s minds with psycho, psychology, psychic and so on. But through beautiful jewelry and crafts, story and connection, the soulful butterfly can fill our minds with an ancient memory of innocent bliss and childlike fun.

And so Psyche Creations is born.